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Fare Share: Four Ways to Make Thanksgiving Hassle-free, More Cost-effective

An op-ed piece from OSAP Member John Barker, ORA

As a food lover, football fan and family man, Thanksgiving checks all of my boxes for a perfect holiday. While I wish the Browns, Bengals or Steelers (give me a break, I grew up in Pittsburgh) were playing on Thanksgiving Day, a celebration with food as the star is more than enough to make the day special.

With turkey expected to reach $6.70 per pound due to the impact of avian flu (112 percent higher than the same time last year), let's explore four ways to make your Thanksgiving hassle-free and more cost effective.

Call an audible. Ohio restaurants are ready to help you celebrate Thanksgiving. Many local eateries offer holiday specials so you can enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving fixings without the cooking and the dirty dishes.

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