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What Evolving Technology Means for the World of Work

Research reveals how technology is shaping the working world and hiring processes

From artificial intelligence (AI) recruiting tools to industrial automation and robotic assistants, new digital technologies are transforming the modern workplace. Many of these systems promise to improve efficiency, productivity and well-being — but how are they actually affecting the people who interact with them every day?

It’s a complicated question with no cut-and-dry answers. But a growing body of research has begun to explore the nuanced ways in which technology is influencing the workplace and the workforce, shedding light on both its many benefits and substantial risks.

How Is AI Transforming Hiring?

One of the most significant areas in which technology has transformed the workplace is before new candidates even get in the door. AI tools can help recruiters sift through resumes, review cover letters, and even conduct virtual interviews. But these tools can also introduce new complexities and biases into the hiring process.

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