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Congress Remains in Play as Georgia Senate Race Heads for Runoff

Closely fought races in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada have yet to be called

House Republicans, though smarting from a disappointing midterm election performance, may yet rack up enough gains in western congressional districts to claim a narrow majority. But slower vote counting up and down the West Coast, and the potential loss of a handful of Republican seats, mean that the shape of the next Congress may not be clear until next week or beyond.

Two days after voters went to the polls in midterm elections, all that was clear on Thursday was that a nation divided deeply over abortion, economics, crime and the shape of representative democracy will have a Congress that reflects those divisions.

The results were hardly a wave, but the Republicans' trickle of gains has pushed the party closer to the net increase of five seats it needs to secure a House majority, putting President Biden’s legislative agenda in jeopardy.

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