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Creating a Culture of Engagement and Well-being in the 'Never Normal' Workplace

Organizations must reexamine how they interact and engage with their staff

After two years of disruptions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, weary workplaces understandably want to find a consistent state of normalcy. While the desire for a restored status quo may remain, the truth is that “never normal” is likely to be the “new normal” as the future only promises continual change.

One of the most significant ongoing changes brought about by the pandemic has been the shift to virtual and hybrid workplaces. One recent study suggests that more than 70 percent of companies plan to adopt a hybrid approach for the long haul.

Organizations benefit from moving to virtual because they can recruit and retain talent from anywhere. Additionally, workers report being more productive and having better mental health because of flexible work options. Yet, a significant challenge remains: Companies must find new ways to adapt and sustain a coherent company culture across a remote workforce. If the “Great Resignation” has signaled anything, it is that an organization’s culture needs to promote employee well-being and engagement.

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