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The Beneficial Use of Discussion Guides

They can help donors feel more connected and increase giving

Those words you’ve written for your capital campaign brochure may be beautiful, but if nobody is reading them, they’re nothing more than a long string of letters. What would happen if you ditched the fancy brochure and opted for a simpler, more collegial approach to communication?

Consider using discussion guides and sitting next to your donor for a heart-to-heart about giving and what matters most in your campaign. What likely will happen is a lively discussion that will enhance your campaign strategy, strengthen your relationship with critical donors, and increase giving. Here’s a look at how to create and use a donor discussion guide.

What is a Donor Discussion Guide?

A donor discussion guide is a document offering basic steps you can customize to fit the conversation you’re about to have with a donor. It gives your donors a hands-on look at the campaign, makes the case easier for them to grasp at a glance, and provides a prompt for deeper conversation.

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