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How to Stay Out of the Weeds

Smart leaders don't venture too deep into them

A common dilemma for the leaders I work with is that, in spite of their best intentions to operate at a big picture strategic level, they find themselves regularly getting pulled into the weeds of day-to-day details that really aren't the highest and best use of their time and attention. Honestly, sometimes, they just go there – no pulling required.

That leads to an age-old question: How do you stay out of the weeds?

I loved it when I heard a brilliant answer to that question a couple of weeks ago from a leader in one of our current Next Level Leadership® group coaching cohorts. For years, this leader has been the go-to person on the strategic account he leads. It doesn't matter that he has a big and competent team, whenever the client has a question or problem on any issue – big or small – he's the go-to resource. He's felt like he hasn't just been pulled into the weeds; he's had to set up a house in them.

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