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Create Better Volunteer Experiences Through Feedback

It's important to assess volunteers' work

What aspect of the volunteer experience do most association volunteers find least satisfying? If you guessed the quality of the feedback, you would be right.

According to the ASAE Research Foundation report Mutually Beneficial Volunteerism, 10 percent of volunteers were somewhat or very unsatisfied with the feedback they received about their volunteer work, twice the percentage of the next-lowest ranked option. Meanwhile, 27 percent said they were neither satisfied nor unsatisfied, the greatest amount of ambivalence among the aspects studied.

Use of assessment and evaluation was relatively rare at associations. Only 11 percent of trade associations, 10 percent of professional associations and 8 percent of hybrid associations reported that their organization assesses and evaluates volunteers “to ensure most/all are strong contributors and well-suited to the role(s) they serve.”

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