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How 'Stealth Workers' Are Costing Employers Tons of Money

This leaves companies at risk of legal liabilities

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged the idea that the office was an important fixture of the workplace as people working from home were found to be just as productive. Some relished their newfound freedom away from their desks, giving rise to a growing crop of digital nomads life who worked from alternative living situations like a van on the road or from Airbnbs in countries offering digital nomad visas like Portugal.  

But such flexibility has been curtailed as companies increasingly push for a return to the office. Some workers are not ready to give up their travels all that easily, preferring to maintain a better work-life balance and standard of living.

Enter what Bloomberg deems ‘stealth workers,’ employees willing to go the extra mile to hide the fact that they’re living more than an extra mile from their company’s headquarters. As Bloomberg describes it, these workers continuously bop around more affordable locations, using VPN to hide that they’re working abroad, logging in as early as 2 a.m. to disguise their actual time zone and lying about their home address. 

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