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Why Employers Need to Think Beyond Mental Health Apps and Chatbots for Their Benefits

COVID-19 made this a greater focus for countless organizations

Mental health support at work — and how it could be better — has been one of the leading topics of conversation for the past several years. But this mental health provider believes the  conversation has still not gone far enough. 

While employers have prioritized providing mental health resources, just 44% have enough providers available to employees with more complex mental health needs, according to the Kaiser Family Foundations' annual employer survey. That means that employees are left with expensive out-of-network providers or have to rely on telehealth options that may not adequately cover the scope of mental health treatment.  

To provide a more comprehensive experience, The Williamsburg Therapy Group recently launched their new Employer Program at their headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. The program provides a concierge service with access to specialties including behavioral therapists, child therapists for employees with families, psychologists and social service workers. Employees can book in-person or telehealth appointments for as little as $40 per session.  

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