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Biden Expands U.S. Government's Commitment to Native Americans

He's honoring tribes by protecting public lands in Nevada

From the highway, Spirit Mountain — a 5,642 foot-high peak — appears gray. But at times, it glows a majestic pink. For the Fort Mojave and 11 other tribes, these mystical rocks are the site from which their ancestors emerged.

"There's a spiritual connection that makes us Mojave people," said Tim Williams, chair of the tribal council. "If it's not protected, our generation will not have done our job."

Two decades ago, Congress preserved the mountain — called Avi Kwa Ame (ah-VEE-kwah-may) in Mojave — and 33,000 acres around it as wilderness. Now the Biden administration is readying a proclamation that could put roughly 450,000 acres — spanning almost the entire triangle at the bottom of the Nevada map — off limits to development under the 1906 Antiquities Act.

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