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Networking Tips for Today's Job Seekers

Sadly, networking behaviors have changed due to the pandemic

Q: It doesn’t appear that networking events will be coming back at the level they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, I know networking is a great way to make contacts that can lead to job opportunities. What should I be doing now when it comes to networking?

A: Since networking is still one of the best ways to land your next job, learning how to do so virtually is something we all need to learn.

Start with all the people you already know. Make a list of people you’ve worked with at past jobs or people you’ve met over the years who you always meant to contact. Now is your opportunity to get in touch with them and update them on what you are currently doing and what you’d like to do next. I like to start with an email to briefly re-establish your connection and then follow up, if there is interest, with a phone call. But go with whatever you’re most comfortable doing.

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