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Try These Activities to Recharge During Your Workday

Here are three resilience rituals that will help you regenerate

I was watching Good Morning America recently and saw a segment in which they recommended people take short breaks in between work tasks. The program cited an analysis in the journal PLOS ONE showing that "microbreaks" during the workday increase energy and decrease fatigue.

This is the essence of the recovery methodology I've learned from research and personal experience, dating back to my days as a teenage lifeguard at Jones Beach in New York. We focus on practicing what I call resilience rituals and how they help us combat depletion, exhaustion and burnout while rebuilding resilience.

The forces driving us toward burnout are chronic stress (driven in part by being constantly engaged online), multitasking and forgetting to tend to the needs of our bodies and minds. The results can be catastrophic for our health and wellbeing, but there's good news: Resilience rituals, if practiced regularly, can help us recharge, rejuvenate and perform at our best.

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