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The Cost of Gas is Plunging as Demand Drops Worldwide

U.S. gas prices dipped toward $3 a gallon

The cost of gasoline is falling so fast that it is beginning to put real money back in the pockets of drivers, defying earlier projections and offering an unexpected gift for the holidays.

Filling up is now as cheap as it was in February, just before Russia's invasion of Ukraine touched off a global energy crisis. AAA reported the average nationwide price of a gallon of regular Wednesday was $3.50, and gas price tracking company GasBuddy projected it could drop below $3 by Christmas. And all of that relief probably helped drive robust shopping over Thanksgiving weekend.

"People are realizing that they might be back to spending $50 to fill their tank instead of $80," said Emma Rasiel, a professor of economics at Duke University. "It is the main signal consumers notice on inflation. It is the one thing they are likely to track, how much it has gone up or down, because every week they need to fill up their car."

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