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A Skillset Revamp for Leaders

Self-introspection is key

When asked what skill leaders most need to cultivate these days, workplace consultant Tamala Blalock, CAE, doesn't hesitate: “self-introspection,” she said.

The past two years have so thoroughly disrupted how people work, where they work, and how they’re treated in the workplace that it’s more crucial than ever that leaders recognize their blind spots, said Blalock, principal at Blalock Consulting and VP, cooperative relations, at the National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International. You can’t address disruption if you’ve trained yourself not to see it.

“The conventional wisdom is that we’re trying to be as objective as possible and inclusive as possible,” she said. “But the reality is that we’re incredibly subjective people all the time. We need to be aware of our preferences and biases.”

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