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Four Strategies to Build Your Talent Pipeline

In hard times, make the candidate experience easy

Rising inflation, industry-specific layoffs and some signs of a cooling job market have made this hiring market one of the most challenging to date. However, even amid a looming recession, candidates are still very much in control over hiring especially as competition for talent remains tight. For organizations looking to "recession-proof" their hiring strategies in the short- and long-term, improving the candidate experience should be a top priority.

At its core, the candidate experience is all about how job seekers perceive and react to a company’s recruitment cycle including attracting, sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding. This is accomplished by helping applicants feel welcomed and valued during the application process, providing helpful feedback or communication throughout the recruitment process and treating them with professionalism and respect after their candidacy has ended. The way a candidate experiences an organization encompasses every interaction they have with an employer. 

The recruiting process is made up of many moving parts and can carry a lot of weight in terms of your employer brand and reputation. The candidate experience not only reflects the recruiting team but also the company they represent. Unfortunately, as new Employ research reveals, only 36 percent of recruiters consider improving the candidate experience a top priority. 

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