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Why Immersive Elements Matter More Than Ever Right Now

Communicating with engaging visuals and interactive elements is easier than you might expect

The good news about content marketing is that its value is no longer in question: It isn’t a battle you have to fight with your board anymore—it’s an expectation.

There’s just one problem. Since targeted content creation is easier to get through the pipeline than it once was, it comes with a lot more competition. And that competition might not just be from other organizations like yours, but from outlets like the mainstream news. You could be competing against celebrity news for mindshare without even realizing it!

So, if your goal is to reach your association’s intended audience, text alone will likely not be enough. For one, it’s a lot to digest, whether it’s 300 or 1,500 words. It is also being created from all corners of the internet by competitors and colleagues alike, so it’s hard to make it stand out.

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