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How Hybrid Office Challenges May Ease in 2023

Organizations are still struggling to find the WFM sweet spot

As we prepare to enter year four of life through COVID-19, it's become clear we'll be spending a good part of 2023 continuing to talk about bringing people back into the office—and whether that means keeping people at arm's length.

A recent survey of Canadian workers suggests that the sweet spot for remote work is one day per week in the office. But an article by the authors of the study notes that each worker is facing a balancing act. Those working fully remote, or who can come into the office at their leisure, the authors write, "tended to report lower stress levels, higher levels of trust in their employers and better job performance." The downside, though, is "lower levels of connection to their colleagues."

Adding to the challenge is the fact that employees have bristled at hard-line dictates about returning to the office. Amid this struggle, workplace consultant Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, who spoke at the OSAP Q4 luncheon and educational meeting, has an intriguing, if risky suggestion: Take a team-based approach.

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