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Senate Aims for Stop-gap Bill as Funding Deadline Looms

Schumer says a continuing resolution should be expected

The Senate will aim to vote on a stop-gap bill to keep the federal government operating past a Friday deadline, as Democrats and Republicans bicker over an expected roughly $1.5 trillion funding bill, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Monday.

"Over the weekend, appropriators held positive and productive conversations," Schumer said in a speech to the Senate. Referring to a short-term bill known as a "continuing resolution (CR)," he added, "Later this week, members should be prepared to take quick action on a CR, a one-week CR, so we can give appropriators more time to finish a full-funding bill before the holidays."

The latter legislation, known as an "omnibus" bill is being crafted to fund the government through next September and would have to be passed by the Senate and House of Representatives.

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