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Preparing Your Organization for the Future

Consider these five trends

No surprise here: The world in which your association is operating is changing fast, which means you need to understand the external forces that could make or break its future success. ASAE's ForesightWorks research identifies drivers of change important to associations, helping you envision and plan for the future—all while monitoring and acting in the present. Here’s a look at the five new drivers of change recently introduced.

American Wealth Gaps

Wealth varies greatly in the United States. The Baby Boomer generation has amassed significant assets over their lifespan, while the relative lack of wealth accumulation among younger Americans is affecting family formation and housing demand. Disparities in wealth across racial and ethnic lines persist. These wealth gaps may drive political attitudes and attempts by younger generations to redefine a satisfying life.

Changing Information Channels

New technologies and new perspectives are giving rise to new channels of information dissemination. These channels, like TikTok or gaming platforms, are shaped by audiences seeking new forms of contact and expression and transforming what it means to be a legitimate information source.

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