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Ohio Board of Education Approves Resolution Rejecting Title IX LGBTQ+ Protections

The resolution attacks a change enacted at the federal level by President Biden

The Ohio Board of Education on Tuesday passed a resolution that would reject President Joe Biden's amendment to Title IX designed to protect LGBTQ students from discrimination. The board approved the resolution by a vote of 10-7 with one abstention.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration announced it would expand Title IX protections for LGBTQ students. Title IX is landmark law passed in 1972 that made it illegal to discriminate against girls or girls' sports teams in public education. The resolution would require school districts to tell parents when their child "questions their gender identity," wants to be identified by another name or pronoun or other matters related to their gender identity.  

“That's the reason why we wouldn't want males entering female sports or female bathrooms,” said Brendan Shea, a conservative resident of London, Ohio, who proposed the resolution back in October.

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