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How Bold Moves Can Help Your Team Grow

Meaningful actions women can take to fulfill their career potential

Shanna Hocking is a leadership consultant, philanthropic advisor, and keynote speaker with 20 years of fundraising and leadership experience. She has led large teams for universities, national nonprofit organizations, global businesses and family foundations. Her writing on the subject of leadership has been published in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Motherly and Forbes.

Below, Shanna shares five key insights from her new book, One Bold Move a Day: Meaningful Actions Women Can Take to Fulfill Their Leadership and Career Potential. Listen to the audio version—read by Shanna herself—in the Next Big Idea App.

1. Bold moves are meaningful actions that help you move forward, learn, and grow.

What’s a bold move? It’s one that challenges you to grow. It’s taking a new job, asking for a promotion, and moving across the country. Bold moves are also speaking up in meetings, connecting with a mentor, and nurturing your personal relationships. Sometimes, it’s about capitalizing on an opportunity, and,  sometimes, it’s about creating that opportunity for yourself. Making a bold move requires intentionality, courage and follow-through. Most importantly, you define for yourself what a bold move is each day.

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