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Reduce the Risk of a Cyberattack With Careful Planning

Few cyberattacks operate in the same way

With technology ingrained in numerous aspects of our daily lives, it’s no coincidence that the number of cybercrimes and data breaches grows with each passing year. Though often considered a primary threat for large corporations, the number of smaller organizations and individuals victimized is staggering—often leading to significant financial losses and repercussions that cause critical damage. So, how do you protect your association and its members? The best defense is widespread and continuous education.

According to Cybercrime magazine, estimated cybercrime damages totaled $6 trillion in 2021. The impact of this massive figure may be easier to comprehend when broken down into shorter time measurements: $16.4 billion a day, $684.9 million an hour, $11 million per minute or $190,000 per second. If cybercrime were a country, its economy would be third, only following the U.S. and China. And that number is expected to top $10.5 trillion in 2025— making it the fastest-growing form of crime worldwide.

Cybercriminals are slick and adaptable, which makes it difficult to anticipate when or how a cyberattack may occur. However, by proactively training your staff and members, you can help ensure mitigation efforts are executed swiftly and effectively to minimize the impact of a cyber threat.  

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