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Giant Berlin Aquarium Bursts

This accident sent 1,500 fish to their deaths

A giant aquarium exploded at a Berlin hotel early Friday, releasing 1,500 tropical fish into the lobby and flooding the downtown area of the German capital with debris and hundreds of thousands of gallons of seawater in a scene that the city’s mayor likened to a “veritable tsunami.”

Shortly before 6 a.m. local time, 264,000 gallons of water “burst abruptly” from the AquaDom tourist attraction at the Radisson Blu hotel in the Mitte district of Berlin, the city’s fire service said. Two people were treated for minor injuries due to glass splinters from the shattered aquarium, according to the fire service.

About 100 firefighters responded to a scene that had, police noted, “massive amounts of water” pour into the street. Videos posted to social media from guests inside the hotel show significant damage and cascades of water all over — except in the empty tank. Shards of glass, mangled lamps, bellhop trolleys and tables are shown littered throughout the lobby.

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