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The Best Wireless Chargers

It's time you stopped fumbling for cables in the dark

Wireless charging isn't nearly as cool as it sounds. It's not exactly wireless—a cord runs from an outlet to the charging pad—and it won't charge your smartphone faster than plugging it in with a good ol' cord.

Still, I'm always disappointed when I test a phone that doesn't support it. I've gotten used to simply plopping my phone down on a pad every night, and fishing for a cable in the dark feels like a chore. It's pure convenience more than anything else.

After testing more than 80 products over the past two years, we've sorted the good from the bad (there are certainly bad ones) and have identified the best wireless chargers. There are so many styles, shapes and build materials that you have a lot of options, including stands, pads, wireless battery packs and models that even double as headphone stands.

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