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Musk’s Twitter Poll Says He Should Resign From Social Network’s Helm

He said he would abide by results of the 12-hour poll

Elon Musk’s own Twitter poll results say he should step down from the helm of the social network, in a referendum that Musk promised to follow after broad criticism of his stewardship of the company.

The poll closed early Monday morning after 12 hours of voting, with 57.5 percent of more than 17 million responses calling Musk to step down. He later added, “As the saying goes, be careful what you wish, as you might get it.”

If Musk follows the results of the poll, it could thrust the company into even more uncertainty. Musk will remain owner of the social network, which would still give him enormous control over its policies. But he has not yet said whom he would choose as his successor, and that person could steer the company differently, and, perhaps, less erratically, than Musk has for the past two months.

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