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The Most Enduring Images of 2022

The journey through this year was a push across treacherous terrain

It was a year when time seemed to hurtle back toward the past, as a brutal land war of medieval cruelty gutted Ukrainian villages and cities and sent millions on a stumbling path into the unknown.

It was a year when the world glimpsed too much of its apparent future, when fire turned Californian hills a lurid red, drought sucked a lake dry in Nevada, and floods transformed roads into rivers in Florida and Pakistan. The weather behaved like an angry, exhausted 2-year-old, lashing out in every which way, trying to send a message that was not always deciphered.

And 2022 was a year in which the present stood up and said “Hold on, we’re not collapsing into a hopeless future. Not quite yet.” In the midterm elections, Americans made clear they were exhausted by years of cries of doom. They sought stability and a bit of quiet.

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