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Focus on Your Personal Strengths to Improve Your Professional Growth

It's important to maintain your lane

You have probably heard of the phrase "stay in your lane." And, while we've all heard it shouted at us a few times by friends or family members while driving, it's also a very relevant phrase in life and in business. Staying in your lane simply means sticking with what you know and with what you are good at.

When is it appropriate to push the boundaries and try something completely wild and new? When should you stay in your lane? More often than not, it is helpful to leave the experimentation to others while you focus on your business and what you do best. As Marcus likes to say, "You gotta pick a path. And you gotta GO!"

As an entrepreneur, you're an expert (or an aspiring expert) in your field, but this does not necessarily mean you're great at everything. Nobody is. No matter how hard you focus on your business, there will be moments where you find yourself unprepared.

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