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The Work-from-anywhere War Is Beginning

Talent want work flexibility; bosses better listen

Who calls the shots on how many days you end up working in the office? It has gradually dawned on bosses that it isn't them. The real power holders? The elusive "top talent" that every firm is trying to attract.

Raj Choudhury, an economist from Harvard Business School, argues that throughout history it's been the most sought-after job candidates who end up shaping what our jobs look like. For instance, in the early '90s, using email on our phones was a luxury exclusive to CEOs. Soon, however, top talent in companies started demanding it and, as a result, we now cannot escape email.

Today, Choudhury’s spidey-sense is tingling over the demand for extreme flexibility: Top talent doesn’t just want hybrid work, they want to work from wherever they want. “There are two kinds of companies,” Choudhury said. “One is going to embrace work-from-anywhere, and the second is in denial—I feel those companies will lose their workforce.” He argues that the “companies that are trying to drag back time will lose some of their best talent, and that dynamic will force these companies to catch up.”

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