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How 'Micro-breaks' Can Help You Feel Better at Work

People who take breaks experienced significant boosts in their well-being

How long does a work break need to be to make you feel better?

Not very long at all, according to a new research review on “micro-breaks,” which the authors defined as a break of 10 minutes or less. The findings were published on Aug. 31 in the journal PLOS ONE. People who took breaks experienced statistically significant boosts in their well-being—making them feel more vigorous and less fatigued.

The results, based on a review of 22 previously published studies that included 2,335 participants, indicate that those who took micro-breaks had about 60 percent better odds of feeling energetic, according to Patricia Albulescu and Coralia Sulea, co-authors of the study and researchers at the West University of Timisoara in Romania.

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