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Why Staff-culture Leadership Means More Now

To keep your people, examine what keeps them engaged

The churn continues.

This may be the year that COVID-19 restrictions fully ease, the hybrid office settles, and the supply-chain crisis dissipates. But for now, all those challenges remain in place, and it’s having an impact on retention. A recent report in The New York Times found that the number of people voluntarily leaving their jobs "has slowly been declining in recent months, but it is still far higher than before the pandemic."

The Times report noted that the trend has especially gummed up the gears in the service sector. Because businesses have to dedicate more time to filling vacancies and training new workers, operations are slower. Overall productivity dips, and revenue declines aren’t far behind. The owner of a chain of pizza restaurants told the Times that for now, that the fix “is to focus on training and to recognize that new hires won’t be as productive as 10-year veterans right away.”

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