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Steubenville Recognizes Nutcracker Village Creators

Officials called them 'a positive force' of revitalization

City officials recognized the creators of the Nutcracker Village as being “a positive force for the revitalization of Steubenville.”

Mayor Jerry Barilla issued a proclamation during Tuesday’s meeting celebrating the Nelson family “for what they’ve brought to the city,” saying it’s had an astronomical impact on “who we are as a city, how we’re looked at as a community and just the fellowship of people experiencing something good for Christmas.”

“They’ve been doing it, I think, eight years, and it’s grown,” Barilla said. “This year was one of our blockbuster years; we had a multitude of people come from everywhere, and everyone I spoke with from out of town thought it was exciting — they think (we have) a lovely town, a charming town, with a lot of history to it. They were just tickled pink to be in Steubenville.”

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