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Utilizing Maximum Flexibility to Build the Future

Workplaces are experiencing a period of unprecedented change

When business leaders get together and wax inspirational, someone inevitably declares an organization’s staff its “most valuable asset.” In these settings, the platitude can often ring hollow.

But when you talk to Arthur Evans, Jr., Ph.D., CEO of the American Psychological Association, his thoughts on the importance of staff and their well-being in the workplace seem authentic and deeply felt. Rather than speaking in vague cliches, Evans cites specific science-based policies his organization is implementing to enhance the organization’s culture and the experience of working at APA.

“We try to base everything we do at the APA on the science, especially organizational psychology,” Evans said. “One of the things that causes stress for employees is when they’re not involved in the decision making. We’re making better decisions, and we know it has a really positive psychological effect on the staff.”

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