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Expert Tips for C-Suite New Year’s Resolutions

Take the long view and focus on wellness

It's Jan. 11, which means enough time has passed for a few of your new year’s resolutions to fall by the wayside. But there’s still plenty of time to redouble your efforts as you focus on the year ahead.

Indeed, one important step that leaders can take in 2023 is to work on developing a broader perspective, said Carol Vernon, a former association executive and principal of Communication Matters, an executive coaching firm. The pandemic era has forced many organizations to respond to urgent needs, she said, but leaders should commit to taking a longer view.

“There’s been more short-term thinking—we’ve had to respond to changes, learn how to work at home, figure out the hybrid world,” she said. “But we need a mindset shift from the short-term thinking that helped us get through the past few years.”

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