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Five Powerful Strategies to Overcome Leadership Fears

It happens to leaders many times throughout their careers

It happens to leaders many times throughout their careers. It can begin popping its head out when they first begin their career journeys and re-emerge later on when they least expect it.

Yes, even highly experienced leaders face this saboteur while executing routine leadership tasks. It is funny how we don't see it coming or maybe we even get so stuck in the middle of it that we freeze. What is this crazy devil? Nothing more than fear. There it is. Staring you right in the face.

I have written about fear in many of my past leadership blogs, but something seems different now. Perhaps, what has changed is living through a chaotic pandemic that is lingering and still impacting the choices and decisions that some leaders are making. Other leaders have truly shaken it off and gone on to encounter new types of fear. It doesn't really matter what may be causing leaders to be afraid. What is important is how each leader will take on this unrelenting chatter in their heads.

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