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Eight Questions to Ask Before Selecting a New Board Leader

Board leadership is more important than ever

Today’s corporate boards are under a lot of scrutiny. They must respond to activist shareholders, concerned employees, community members and others in a hyper-sensitive political environment. They’re also tasked with ensuring diversity in their organizations, as well as their own ranks. Board leadership is more important — and urgent — than ever.

Unfortunately, our collective experience — the four of us have interacted with well over a fifth of the governing boards of the Fortune 1000 — indicates that many boards don’t have a thoughtful and disciplined process for selecting, evaluating, compensating or removing a board leader. Nor do they have enough clarity on which responsibilities belong to the chief executive versus the non-executive board chair or lead director.

Without such a process, boards suffer from fractious oversight or even misdirection as their leaders fail to sufficiently align and focus them on the firm’s strategies and opportunities.

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