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Avoid These Leadership Behaviors That Break Staff Connections

These behaviors separate people rather than drawing them together

If you are seeking to develop a connection culture in your workplace, then you need to not only proactively take actions that build connection, but also avoid actions that destroy it. Sometimes, we have blind spots that make it difficult to identify “connection killer” habits.

Are any of these common issues getting in the way of your efforts to infuse connection into your work environment or feel meaningfully connected with your colleagues? While different, each hinders or kills connection as it puts a wedge between leaders and those being led.

Some shake the confidence of employees, some convey an “us versus them” mentality, some have the effect of communicating that an employee is only needed to do what he or she is told to do. They separate people rather than drawing them together. While you may not be in a role that allows you to tackle each head on, it’s good to be aware of the damage they may be doing.

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