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The Best Webcams for Looking Brighter and Better

Bring a little light into your life with these cameras

I screen, you screen; we all scream because of screen time.

Videoconferencing is here to stay, from job interviews to company meetings to therapy appointments. It was seemingly inevitable, just as The Jetsons predicted, only sped up because we spent the past few years holed up indoors, reenacting a NASA isolation experiment. Even though newer MacBooks' built-in webcams now have 1080p resolution, you'll make a better onscreen impression if you upgrade to a standalone webcam.

Check out our guide to all the best webcams on the market, plus a few that didn't make the cut. Webcams are still in high demand and go in and out of stock, so if the one you like isn't available, check out our guides on how to use your smartphone or a professional camera (if you have one) as a webcam.

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