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Eighty Percent Say They Won't Apply to a Job Without the Salary Information

Pay transparency laws continue to spread across the nation

As recently as last September, one-third of employers viewed pay transparency as something their company was not ready for. But talent acquisition pros still balking at the trend may soon find themselves left in the dust, with employees increasingly saying they will not entertain job descriptions that withhold salary information. 

Many employers haven’t had a choice, as pay transparency laws continue to spread across the nation. California expanded its pay transparency law Jan. 1, while Rhode Island and Washington also enacted laws. In total, that makes eight states (in addition to a number of localities) with pay transparency laws — although some, like Nevada and Rhode Island, require disclosure only after certain criteria are met. 

For employers, there are some obvious — and not-so-obvious — benefits to pay transparency. Those that embrace the practice may find themselves moving more quickly in the direction of pay parity, for example, which is a prime DE&I goal for many companies. Salary ranges and policies can help make pay parity a reality for companies, experts previously told HR Dive

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