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How AI Impacts Diversity

The pros and cons of using algorithms to improve workplace fairness

Few topics have attracted as much attention and controversy, as artificial intelligence (AI). In the last year alone, we have witnessed heated reactions and fervent criticism of AI applications for self-driving cars, face and voice recognition, credit scoring and recruitment.

However, one thing is clear: AI is here to stay. As Hilke Schellmann notes in an excellent review on the subject, the rise of AI seems pretty resistant to all the negative public reaction, and occasional horror stories of algorithms gone rogue or breaking bad. So, we better find a way to work with AI, rather against it.

This does not mean giving up on trying to sanitize or mitigate the pitfalls of AI. Quite the contrary. Leaders and developers must ensure that strict regulations are in place, and that appropriate ethical guidelines are followed so that AI is adopted only for the sake of progress—by which we mean better prospects for all, especially groups and individuals who have been historically disadvantaged.

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