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Recognizing the Signs of Addiction

A critical part of recovery for many is a sense of belonging in their workplace

A study conducted by the National Safety Council determined that 75 percent of employers have had an issue with opioids in the workplace. During this same study, employers were asked if they were prepared to address this issue in the workplace, and only 17 percent of employers responded that they were. Recovery is Within Reach is committed to helping employers become educated on ways they can help their colleagues who may be living with addiction themselves or have a family member who has been affected.

It's important that we show compassion and overall understanding of the challenges they are facing. If you suspect a colleague is living with substance misuse and decide to speak to them directly, keep your tone supportive and nonconfrontational, emphasizing your desire to help above everything else.

Not sure how to help and need a good place to start? Get to know the warning signs of addiction. We've compiled resources to help you learn 10 common signs of addiction and how to spot them

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