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The Challenges and Rewards of a Four-day Workweek

Finding work-life balance is no small task

Finding work-life balance in the face of burnout, mounting work responsibilities and economic stress is no small task. To help their employees out, some companies are making a drastic change to the workplace calendar — and telling their employees to simply work less. 

Global fundraising resource Kickstarter is among 200 companies in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand that have joined 4 Day Week Global, a nonprofit dedicated to helping companies reduce their workweeks down to 32 hours. Kickstarter launched its four-day workweek pilot in April of 2022, and nine months later, it has decided to permanently embrace the abbreviated schedule.

Yes, this means that Kickstarter's employees now enjoy a three-day weekend every weekend — but their entire structure of working has transformed as well, explained Terry VanDuyn, director of product management at Kickstarter. 

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