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Work & Fun

Mixing the two

Instead of working for a living, how about having fun for a living? Even if you don’t love every aspect of your job, it’s important to remember to incorporate fun in your workday.

As association professionals looking for ways to deal with burnout and staff turnover, you can start by focusing on improving your culture and work environment.

Research shows the many benefits of humor and levity for people’s mental and physical health. And this is true for the workplace as well. In their book Firms of Endearment, Raj Sisodia, Jag Sheth and David Wolfe demonstrate the financial benefits organizations can reap by making sure they have a culture that includes fun. Look at Southwest Airlines for the perfect example: “Southwest’s employees are introduced to the positive contribution that humor can make to easing customer’s anxieties, as well as to making work more fun,” the authors wrote. The antics by Southwest employees are legendary and create incredible brand loyalty.

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