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Crafting an 'HR-centric" HR Policy

If not, it won't work

In an article for Fortune magazine in late 2021, Rasmus Hougaard, CEO of Potential Project and co-author of “Compassionate Leadership: How to do Hard Things a Human Way,” made a deliberately arresting statement. Getting straight to the point, he surmised that it was “the dehumanization of work [that] has been the biggest factor in creating unhappy and disengaged employees.”

He added: “High anxiety, daily stress, and the constant need to prove oneself in order to be “good” at your job” was becoming ruinous to employees' sense of well-being and something, he argued, needed to be done about it.

Hougaard’s big idea was to introduce more of what he called ‘radical candor’ (basically being more compassionate to staff), and that the spread of this should absolutely come from all levels of leadership, including HR leadership.

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