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Six Ways to Engage the 'Quiet Quitters' in Your Organization

We must keep employee engagement a top priority

One thing is clear as we look into this new year – employee engagement must remain a top priority. As employers are still weathering the storm of The Great Resignation, which according to Forbes hit its peak in March 2022 with over 4.5 million Americans quitting their jobs, there was another storm brewing after. This new storm is a more challenging beast as it can sneak up on you – a workforce of Quiet Quitters. Employers and HR professionals must actively pursue the challenge to engage the quiet quitters head-on so as not to lose them altogether.

Made famous in a July 2022 TikTok post with #quietquitting, the term does not actually involve employees quitting. The term generally describes maintaining work-life boundaries to reduce burnout. It applies to employees who are getting the job done and only doing what is necessary for the tasks at hand. They are not insubordinate, yet they are not stepping up to take on extra projects. They are not volunteering for tasks and don’t reach out to help coworkers or others in the workplace. They offer limited extra effort resulting in decreased engagement, which according to Gallup is at its lowest level in almost a decade.

So, what can you do? We suggest the following six steps to engage the quiet quitters in your workforce.

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