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More Than Clicks

Rethink your newsletter to boost engagement

Newsletters are often an integral part of an association’s communication toolbelt. They serve many purposes, from helping readers be better professionals, to informing them on impactful legislation, to making them aware of upcoming meetings and learning opportunities. But how do you know if your newsletter content is really giving members what they’re looking for? 

In January 2023, the digital email and marketing platform Constant Contact published its customers’ average open, click, and bounce rates by industry. Nonprofit membership organizations had a 39.4 percent open rate and 1.7 percent click rate, higher than the average of all industries—34.51 percent open rate and 1.33 percent click rate. While nonprofit numbers are strong, they still show that more than half of the audience didn’t open those emails. 

Hilary Marsh, president and chief strategist at Content Company, recommends looking at newsletter engagement beyond click rates.

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