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Wanted: Interns Who Can Make TikTok Hits

The hot new internship for college students is creating TikTok content

When Mary Clare Lacke, a 20-year-old student at the University of Missouri, interned at Claire's last summer, one of her tasks was to help the teen accessories company with its nascent TikTok account. It didn't take long for her to produce a hit — though it wasn't one that the retailer saw coming.

In an 11-second video, Lacke riffed off a pranking trend inspired by Kris Jenner to promote a style of the retailer's earrings.

"My team was just like, 'We're not 100 percent sure what this is, but go for it,'" Lacke said. "And then it became the most successful video that the account has seen." The video generated 1.5 million views and 20,000 new followers for the company's TikTok account.

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