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New Biden EV Charger Rules Stress Made In America

This would force changes to Tesla chargers

On Wednesday, the Biden administration issued long-awaited final rules on its national electric vehicle charger network that require the chargers to be built in the United States immediately, and with 55 percent of their cost coming from U.S.-made components by 2024.

The Biden administration hopes the new rules, issued after nearly eight months of debate, will jump-start the biggest transformation of the U.S. driving landscape in generations. It seeks to give consumers unfettered access to a growing coast-to-coast network of EV charging stations, including Tesla SuperChargers.

Companies that hope to tap $7.5 billion in federal funding for this network must also adopt the dominant U.S. standard for charging connectors, known as "Combined Charging System" or CCS, and use standardized payment options that are smartphone-friendly.

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