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Get More Done with a Nonlinear Workday

Work within your natural energy levels rather than false timelines

A traditional workday is still 9 to 5, or something close to it. While there is a break or two built in, such as for lunch or a quick coffee, most of the time is filled with work-specific tasks. But what if you scheduled in more breaks that don't include work?

According to the 2022 Brain Health Report from Muse, a meditation tool provider, people with the highest self-reported brain health scores—which include memory, focus, sleep, mood, productivity, and creativity—are those who make minor lifestyle changes, like adopting a nonlinear workday, says Nadia Kumentas, a doctor of naturopathic medicine and Muse’s vice president of marketing.

"A nonlinear workday essentially means that you're not working in typical 9 to 5," she said. "You have regular periods of the day where you’re working, but they don't typically match that standard 9 to 5, with a classic lunch break in the middle."

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