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U.S. Arrests Four More in the Assassination of Haiti’s President

The suspects were arrested and indicted by a federal grand jury on Tuesday

Federal agents arrested four men whom they accused of playing key roles in the assassination of Haiti's former president, U.S. prosecutors said on Tuesday, the latest step in an investigation that has implicated several American citizens.

Federal court documents also stated that several "conspirators" in the 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moïse of Haiti met with the F.B.I. a few months before the killing, and tried to draw agents "into a discussion about regime change in Haiti."

In response, an agent told the men "that the F.B.I. could not help them because Haiti had to solve its own political problems." The revelation raised troubling questions about how much the United States government knew in advance of the killing. In court records, the government denied that it had any advance notice of a criminal plot.

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