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Two-hundred-thirty-six Minutes of Terror at MSU

Barricaded with a gunman on the loose

A senior pre-med student was doing homework at his desk. A junior was out to dinner with friends. And a sophomore was in her usual spot at the union, blasting Metallica’s “Harvester of Sorrow” through her AirPods.

It was a typical Monday night at Michigan State University, one of the country’s largest colleges, an institution known for its groundbreaking research and boisterous school spirit. Students had their minds on exams, Valentine’s Day, Spring Break.

But a few minutes after 8 p.m., the crack of gunshots ruptured the rhythm of campus life, sending those same students running in fear. They barricaded themselves in rooms, cut the lights and grabbed kitchen knives in case the gunman who had just opened fire in two campus buildings decided to target them next.

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